The Eve Of My First Public Blog Post…

On the eve of my first public blog post, (two weeks ago), I was excited beyond my conscious knowledge. Not only excited but a bit fearful. Though I know I’m called to share a very needed message, I felt I needed extra encouragement to take this long overdue blogging challenge. Well, my idea for encouragement that evening was watching for the third time the movie #Julie#and#Julia, which is about two creative #women with a passion- Julie Powell had a love of writing, and Julia Child a love of cooking. They were both bored and frustrated not using their creative sides. What stood clearly for me, was that these women were as imperfect as they were relentlessly determined to express themselves in their crafts. On their way to succeeding in these #creative outlets, they messed up, had moments of insecurities and #self-doubt, meltdowns, but they continued unmoved. That night after watching the movie, I had the courage to contact author #Julie#Powell through FB messenger. I thanked her for her determination and for the #encouragement to follow her heart-of which I’ve desperately needed. Though she didn’t respond, I know she read my message, and I hope my words will inspire her to continue to bless us with her #authentic style. These women’s determination, will continue to inspire me as I continue to launch this blog. This project is a creative outlet for me, but also a #passion, a calling, and ultimately a mission to inspire the woman of #Faith to live a life of…balance, simplicity, and joy; the #Grace to walk this journey called life with ease! Talk soon! ❤️

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